SSB and I had some friends over last Tuesday for a bonfire and s'mores.

It rained.

But I always try to have a back up plan. We had Mo and Fry bring another DVD of "Full Metal Alchemist"; and Jill and Obi brought "So I Married An Axe Murderer". We had pesto that Jill and I made last fall with the basil and garlic from her mother's garden. SSB got some awesome black forest rye - it was the chocolate cake of breads! I made salsa from scratch (dice tomatoes, garlic, green onions, and cilantro and add a little salt - delicious!). And we had apples and the best damn caramel EVER!

As our guests were chatting it up in the kitchen, SSB and I were moving an end table so that we could move the food into the living room. SSB turned to me with a DVD in his hand, "I found 'Munich'!" To which I replied, "No!! I just told J that I was sure that I had returned it already! If that wasn't the video that we returned that day, what one DID we return? One of ours?" At that point Mo, the boss of J and head of circulation at the library, comes in to find out what all the yelling is about. I told her, with my head hung in shame (I mean, I want a job from this woman at the library and I can't even manage to bring my own items back). Fry laughed and she offered to take it in for me the next day when she went to work. Later while we were talking about something some one asked me, "Are you sure?" To which I replied, "Well, I was wrong about Munich." I think I will be throwing that into my inside-joke rotation - it sounds so ominous and important.

We played Uno (and the first card that Mo laid was a Draw 4 - she is ruthless! Nice to meet you - DRAW 4 you sorry bastard!). While we were playing, SSB replied to something that Fry had said with, "Like 'Sofa King'?" Fry chuckled. Mo, Obi and Jill had no idea what was going on. I told them to ignore it because it's offensive. Mo kept pushing the matter (most likely because she didn't like that her husband knew what it was and she didn't) until I finally broke down and wrote it out for her to read. So here I am, with my potential boss, in my living room, and I am having her reading out loud to a room full of people, "I am Sofa King. We Todd it."

Yep, that's how I roll.

And the more she said, "I don't get it", the more her husband laughed and the more frustrated and determined she got. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I read it out loud. When she still said that she didn't get it, well, I thought her husband was going to pee his pants. He's a little immature - I like that about him.

Mo gathered Fry up and left shortly after I explained the joke - and reminded everyone that I had told them that it was offensive. Oh, well. Obi and Jill stayed to watch "So I Married An Axe Murderer" - awesome movie. I love it every time I watch it.

In the end I couldn't have offended Mo too badly because the next morning she called me to ask if I was interested in getting my old position back for the summer. Uh - HECK YEAH!
OK, I know what you are thinking "aren't you already working enough?" Well, it's for a good cause. J has health issues and needs the time off to recoup. Her bosses don't like to give her the time because they need that time covered by someone who knows the job. That would be me. So to help her out, I cover the hours she cuts back by. PLUS it keeps my foot in the door at the library and gives me a sanity break from my other job. That's what we call a Win:Win:Win situation.

I will leave you with that and beautiful pictures of my poppies which started to bloom this morning:


sideshow bob said...

We were talking about how great our harem sofa is, and right after that we were talking about what to call the person who won at Uno. Someone suggested Uno King, and then I suggested maybe Sofa King.

That last picture is awesome by the way.

Evil Spock said...

You guys are such fun nerds. Wish we had you guys as neighbors rather than the arses that live next to us now.

The same thing happened to us when we returned Lost Season One to the video store, we swore up and down that we returned them all, but they said they were missing one disk. Finally they caved, and let us off the hook.

A year later we found it under a couch.

Shannon said...

Before I read this, I was trying to think of all the ways you could've been wrong about Munich. That Sofa King story is hilarious. I can't believe she didn't get it. Her husband really should've stepped up to tell her rather than leave you wit h the dirty work!

Sylvana said...

SSB, if anyone was offended by it, they got over it quick enough.

I like the way that the poppies look like they are reaching for the sky.

Evil Spock, "fun nerds", I like that.

Did you have a little Abbott and Costello going about the "Lost 'Lost'"?

Shannon, I know!! But someone had to do it - and that usually ends up being me.