Soda Pants!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005 | 0 Comments

About ten years ago I heard this bit from a comedian that I thought was so true and funny. (His name escapes me- but I will figure it out eventually and put it in here.). He said wouldn't it be great if we could solve our problems like kids. Like when your boss is telling you to do something that you just don't want to do or telling you that you did something wrong you could just say, "Nuh-uh." When someone is yelling at you, you could just say something silly like, "Pop-a-wheelie!" to throw them off. He also suggested that just for fun you could run into a building and yell "Soda Pants!" to see what people would do. Well, in the past ten years I have taken these suggestions and they not only work but they are a lot of fun too! You really have to be careful with who you try the "nuh-uh" thing on though; there are so many people in this world without a shred of humor left in them. But I have interchanged the "pop-a-wheelie"/"soda pants" thing. People really stop in their tracks when they are getting their yell on and then you counter with "Soda Pants!" outta nowhere! Some will look really confused and stutter, "Huh?" Others, just start laughing. And then there are those that will call you an idiot and just walk away.

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Blogger aquarian27 said...

hi sylvana!
i appreciate your post, and i agree that it is okay to be angry with people, just make sure if it's for the right reasons.

i love your soda pants bit. i'll definitely have to try that. if only to put a smile on my own face.

until next time...

February 25, 2005 2:39 PM