Oh! The Irony!

Monday, February 21, 2005 | 0 Comments

I was listening to NPR last night. They were playing an audio taped conversation between President Bush and one of his father's former aides. On the tapes Bush admits that he used to smoke marijuana. When asked why he lied about it to the public he responded by saying that he didn't want the children to follow his example. How about the lying George? He was then asked how he justified being so harsh and critical about Gore's pot use. Well, Al Gore is a pathelogical liar, he replies. Who's the pathelogical liar? Maybe he was really so harsh because he felt that Gore actually didn't smoke any pot but true to his pathelogical lying ways lied about it to jump on the former druggie bandwagon? But here's something funny, the person that he was talking to on the tapes was a guy name Doug Wead (pronounced "weed'', hence the funny).
The White House did not deny the tape's authenticity. Instead they simply said that it was supposed to be a private conversation between the President and a person that he thought was his friend. Don't you consider the American people your friend George? Why wouldn't you tell us? Apparently Wead was more his friend than the country that he is supposed to be serving.
for more on this story http://apnews.excite.com/article/20050220/D88BV8I80.html