Fun With Haggling

Thursday, December 03, 2009 | 2 Comments

I love to bowl. I may not be spectacular at it, but I love it anyway. I have had my own ball and shoes for years, but have been using a backpack for a bag since I could not seem to find the perfect "Sy" bowling ball bag. Well, I found it! On eBay.

I must confess that the only things that I have ever purchased from eBay were Buy-It-Nows. The bowling ball bag that I found said $34.90 Or Best Offer.

Hmm... "Or Best Offer", magical words that sparked something in me: I must have this bag -- at a great price!

After a little offering and counter-offering, I am the proud winner of the bag at $20.10! It was so much fun haggling! I can see why whole cultures insist on it!

It should get here some time next week, but here is my collage of the eBay pictures:

It's a little smudgey, but I am confident in my ability to clean it real purdy! And it'll go real nice with my shoes.


Kari said...

Sweet! I think it's hot! Very vintage. :)

Sy said...

Kari, and it goes with my shoes! I tried finding a picture of them to link to, but I guess I never posted that, so I posted the pic in this post instead. Sweet, sweet vintage... (shoes are mod-vintage with slight prismatic fabric which is awesome!)