Superbad Weekend

Monday, September 10, 2007 | 0 Comments

We went to "Superbad" Friday night with Fry and Mo.

What can I say about Superbad? Wiki-wiki-WOW! Loved it! It was hilarious! And, just as a warning - kind of embarrassingly awkward to watch at points, especially when you are with another couple, and especially when one in that couple happens to be your boss!
But I do what I always try to do in those situations, act like it really doesn't bother me. And then, miraculously - it doesn't! And it almost always seems to put the other people more at ease too.

So, go see the movie; but try not to bring anyone that you might get easily embarrassed in front of.*

The next day we got up early to help Obi set up his booth at our local annual art fair. He has been sitting on the fence about being truly professional with his art (pottery). He is very passionate about it, but has always felt that either his work is not good enough to sell, or that the very act of selling his art is a degradation to his art. I encouraged him to do the fair and told him that selling his pieces was part of the process of being an artist. Art is a form of communication. By selling his pieces, he gets his message out to the world. I mean, why make all that art if you are never going to share it with anyone?

I'm glad that he did decide to do it. His booth got a lot of attention; and I think it was a very positive experience for him. -- Although he did seemed a little put-off when I told him that one of the pieces I was buying was destined to be a coffee mug... he saw it as a vase. Communication Lesson #1 - you can't always control how someone else translates your message. Besides, doesn't he know that I am the kind of person who would drink out of a vase? ;)

Tonight was our first night of the new bowling league season. SSB and I warmed up at home with a little Wii bowling (I think I am a little obsessive about bowling). I did fairly well for the first night back; I averaged a 122. This was the first time that we have hung out with Blue and Joe since they left the pharmacy.

We had a great time with them as usual. They have very good senses of humor and aren't afraid to be a little goofy. It makes for great entertainment. I am looking forward to the long season ahead of us.

*Also, I'd just like to say, that the cops in the movie are pretty much like the cops from my home town. Our cops would watch the kids get liquor from the local liquor store, then follow them until they were to an out-of-the-way place to nab them so that they could take the liquor without reporting anything. They'd send the kids on their way, quite often tipping us off to some other party that we could go to to get booze - usually a kegger - while they took our freshly bought, unopened liquor home to have a party of their own.


Shannon said...

Oh I also loved Superbad. Hiiilarious!

Sylvana said...

Shannon, after hearing that it was about boys on a mission to get some girls drunk so they could have sex with them, I was feeling that I would HATE the movie. But that synopsis is misleading - (and I am not going to spoil for others by explaining ;)

Evil Spock said...

God, I got busted so many time by cops when I was in high school. They confiscated a ton of liquor from us.

So thats what they did. I need to make friends with the local cops and go to their parties.

Anonymous said...

I had a choice last weekend to either see this or 3:10 To Yuma. Yuma was excellent, btw. I'll have to catch Superbad on DVD, which is usually the "uncut" version.


Sylvana said...

Evil Spock, I still don't think I'd want to party with cops.

Shamus, great to hear from you again! 3:10 to Yuma is playing at our theater right now. If it's still there Friday, I might go see it.