I'm Back!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007 | 0 Comments

I can't believe that I was away from my blog for so long!

My computer crashed a few weeks ago while I was surfing blogs. I tried to fix it, but it is in really rough shape. It looks like my Windows operating system got corrupted and needs to be fixed. DAMN WINDOWS!! My computer won't acknowledge my CD drive, so as of now, I have no way of getting the backup onto my computer for repair. SSB has some ideas, so I am leaving that up to him. But without a computer, it makes it really hard to blog.

But you may be relieved to know that today I started a night supervisor job at the library, which should give me plenty of time to get caught up. There's only so much supervising that one can do in a vacant library after all, right? I have done this job as a student for 3 years - piece of cake.

Today was also JD's first day of high school. I took him out to eat when he got home from school so that I could get the low-down. He was beaming! I could tell as soon as I saw him that he had had a fantastic day. I was so relieved. I think that this day was more nerve-wracking for me than him, and to see him come home all smiles was a huge load off my mind.

SSB is back in school too. This might be his last year, unless he decides to get a certificate in industrial networking. It could mean more money for us, but I think that he's done his time in factories long enough.

I finally used some of my vacation time and had two great vacations. Two weekends ago we went camping in Grand Marais, MN. We ended up in a campground in town, which made it really easy to explore the town until late at night. We did a lot of hiking and even drove to some nearby sights. We scouted out other potential campgrounds for our next trip. Our camp site was right next to the lake, which was awesome... until the drunks started making their rounds to go yell at it. SSB was effective at scaring off a couple of the groups so we could get some sleep though. We couldn't have a campfire, because of the drought, so we had all our meals in town. Boy, do they have a lot of really good places to eat! I was stuffed!

But before I could recover, we were on our way to my brother's (Ricky) house the following Friday. He lives in the middle of Wiscosnin, about 3 hours away from us. We always have a great time with his family, and we usually eat a lot. And this time was no exception. As soon as I found out that they had a Little Caesars, I knew what we were having for dinner. Crazy Bread is awesome! We tried their wings too, which were just wings in tabasco sauce with some spices thrown in, but very good. The next night we went to the lake and grilled chicken. We had so much good food, I really thought that I was going to bust. We took out our discs and started throwing them around to help settle our dinner. Ricky asked us to stick around later than we had planned in the morning so that we could all go disc golfing - he had never gone before and really wanted to try it out. He was pretty good and we all had a blast. Fry was pretty proud when I told him that I had created a new golfer.

From my brother's house, we drove to my sister's (V) house near Madison. I hadn't seen her since we visited Shannon in Milwaukee. She had gotten divorced about a year and a half ago and had a new boyfriend to introduce to me. He seemed nice, but I really don't think that I have much in common with him, other than crazy parents - although he bowed to V and my "crazy parent" stories. I also got to catch up with my niece who will be graduating this year. Uh, and her slick, Eddie-Haskellish boyfriend. He was interesting to talk to, for the most part, but I don't think that I would want him dating my daughter if I had one. Oh well, kids need to learn things on their own sometimes, unfortunately.

All in all, I have had a great two weeks; and I am now in the privy about a little something called "Pants-off, Dance-off". I really did think it was a joke. Who knew?


"AG" said...

I LOVE that you used an Eddie Haskell reference! (I think you know I am a huge LTB fan.)

Nice to see you back.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Welcome back! :) Windows OS sucks, and having witnessed Hubbs enjoy the problem-free, bug-free, virus-free pleasures of the plug-and-play Macbook, my next purchase will without a doubt be a Mac.

Pants-off, Dance-off is real? Wow. I'm out of the loop. :S

Shannon said...

Yay! You're back! I was afraid you'd left for good.

Sylvana said...

AG, that Eddie, he was something, huh? Always getting Wally and the Beave into trouble.

Mrs L, I LOVE MACS!!! If it weren't for the damn programs that I need to run, I would only buy Macs.

Shannon, I think it would take a a lot for me to quit blogging. My sense of self-importance is far to inflated to be denied such a willing and rewarding platform!

Heather said...

My dad was just telling me about Pants-Off Dance-Off. How weird...

Collin's son started high school this year too and he was the same way - he seems to really be enjoying it, thank goodness!!

Sylvana said...

Heather, does your dad watch the show?

I don't think that I will be able to truly relax about it until it has been a couple of weeks.