Conversations At Our House v.28

Wednesday, August 01, 2007 | 0 Comments

[at lunch talking about some shopping I did for work]

Sy: Red really liked the highlighters I bought. Her eyes lit up when I showed her and she said, "I am the Highlighter Queen!"

SSB: "Highlighter Queen"? What exactly does that mean?

Sy: She wears a tiara of highlighters around work.

SSB: Does she stand up bunches of highlighters and give speeches to them?

Sy: Yes, and she has a gown made of highlighter felt.

SSB: And when they make her angry, does she chop off their heads?

Sy: *POP!* "HaHa! More felt for my gown!!"


Evil Spock said...

My god. Your conversations are an endless fountain of inane bliss.

sideshow bob said...

Is she heir to the Sharpie fortune?

Derek Knight said...

Wii! Everyone loves wii, I know I sure as Hell do.