There are very few movies that are so bad that I have to just stop watching them. One of the worst ones was "Master of Disguise". We got about 30 minutes into it and just gave up. In fact, SSB and I use that as a gadge as to how bad other movies are.

"It's Master of Disguise bad."


"Well, at least it's not Master of Disguise bad."

But I think we may have found a new gadge: The Producers.

It was so bad I don't even think we got through 15 minutes before we were thinking about shutting it off. I told SSB that maybe we just needed to get into the right mindset to watch it, so let's give it another five minutes. I don't even think we made it that long.

They directed it as a play, but people are just not meant to see those facial expressions that close up. And then there was the rhythm and general script, both of which may work for a play, but suck-ass in a movie format.

Thank goodness we also rented The Island. That movie was nothing like I had thought it would be, which is good. Yes, I picked it up half expecting it to suck, but how could you not want to see a movie with both Ewan MacGregor and Scarlet Johansson in it? I defy you!

I won't tell you much about it because I don't want to spoil the surprises, but let's just say it not only was far more interesting than The Producers, it was WAY FUNNIER!!!


Reel Fanatic said...

Hadn't had the misfortune of seeing "master of disguise" but agreed that "producers" is, in a word, excremental

Shannon said...

Now, that's definitely a word to jot down and re-use.

I'd heard bad things about the Producers, and now it's definitely off my "to rent" list.

"AG" said...

Wow, it muct be bad when you can't even have fun laughing at it.

"AG" said...


OldRoses said...

Have you guys seen the Mel Brooks version? Very, very funny. I refuse to see the new one because I know that it can't possibly live up to the original.

Wendy A said...

I hardly watch movies anymore. It is such a waste of time when the movie is so bad. Hollywood some real bombs out there. Thanks for saving me from renting it.

sideshow bob said...

We couldn't even get to the part with Will Farrell, but ever since 'Bewitched', his spell over me has been broken.

Sylvana said...

Reel Fanatic, welcome to my blog! That should be on the "wheel of adjectives" they have in that Sprint commercial.

Shannon, we might try to watch it when we are REALLY BORED or drunk just because we would like to see Hilter sing and dance.

AG, I'm a huge fan of MST 3K, but I don't even think that THEY could make this movie funny.

OldRoses, I love Mel Brooks movies. I might try that.

Wendy A, this was suppose to be sophisticated too, but it just sucks.

SSB, I didn't think that Bewitched was all that bad.

DrMax said...

You and SSB have good taste. I taped Master of Disguise for my kid when we got a free HBO weekend and I was stunned how truely unfunny it was. I have heard similar complaints about the new Producers (love the original though.) If you really want to test your mettle, I might suggest Super Babies-Baby Geniuses 2. The horror...the horror.

Lyvvie said...

Wow, and i thought The Producers was supposed to be really good. I'm bummed out now.

Sylvana said...

DrMax, it was on TV at my parent's house. 5 minutes was all I could take of Baby Geniuses! And that was pushing it!

Lyvvie, I haven't seen the Mel Brooks one, but it sounds like that is the one to see.