The New James Bond

Sunday, December 05, 2004 | 0 Comments

Now that Pierce Brosnan is no longer interested in being James Bond (or is no longer being offered the part.. whatever the case may be), there has been much debate as to who will be the next James Bond. Ewan McGregor seemed like an obvious choice to many. Not to me. Although I think that he could do a fabulous Bond, he would only be able to pull it off for a couple of films. A role like that is very demanding as far as time. He would not be able to do as many of the growth roles that he has become famous for. I feel that he would not be happy playing the same role over and over. Besides, he has already said that he is not interested in playing 007 (probably for those very reasons).
I think that the perfect guy for the role is Adrian Paul. Just look at his work as the Highlander! It has James Bond written all over it. He's handsome, debonair, popular with the ladies, he dances, he can do martial arts, he's a world traveller, he has been known to pull off a MacGyver now and then, he's a loner who plays by his own rules, and he is great at hiding secrets. This man NEEDS another good role to play and I really can't think of one that is better suited for him. He even meets the accent requirement. Just give him a gun instead of a sword, and even the immortality thing can stay- as if James Bond could ever really die.
I am not alone in my opinion either. The Profindpages News readers were asked to send in suggestions for the new James Bond and they overwhelming wrote in Adrian Paul. Here are some of the readers comments:

"I've heard much of the talk about wanting a younger actor for the part, but I'm one of the many who doesn't think Bond should be under 40. Adrian is around 45, I think, but doesn't look it. He's got the accent, he's got the looks, he's got the talent."
"There is only one actor I can envision as the next 007 and that talented, athletic, sexy actor with the charisma and style necessary for Bond is Adrian Paul. He could give a dangerous edge to the sexy agent, wooing the females and taking down the bad guys, all with a smooth style and a humorous one-liner. Adrian Paul.....there can be only one!"
"The next James Bond should be Adrian Paul so far best known for his staring role in the TV series Highlander. He has the acting ability and the athletic ability to be the best Bond ever and he looks wonderful in a tuxedo holding a martini"
"Adrian Paul is the best choice--he has the Connery-like dark looks, great action chops and can handle humor and the more dramatic scenes. He has the charisma and the ladies like his looks."

The majority of the posters at agree that Adrian Paul is the obvious choice. There were a few other names mentioned, but I will not even humor those as possibilities by listing them here. By the way, if you were one of those alternate posters- WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
I also have addresses you can send your opinon to. I got them from the website

"Hints and Tips When writing TPTB of any movie or tv series, fans should always: be polite, keep it brief, positive and to the point. (You might even send a postcard) Remember that we are only fans writing to say why we would like to see our favorite actor in a certain movie or role. Letters from fans are not meant to be professional businesslike expressions and shouldn't be. Just have fun and be enthusiastic. This is a free will offering on your part so remember it's just for fun.
MGMRE: James Bond
2500 Broadway St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
EMAIL MGM (Select James Bond as the subject and type why you would like to see Adrian as the next James Bond.)
Barbara Broccoli
c/o EON ProductionsPinewood Studios
Pinewood Rd.
Iverheath, Buckinghamshire, SLOONH, England"

There can be no other sensible choice for this role. There can be only one- Adrian Paul!